Digitizing source specializes in 3d puff embroidery designs

3d puff Embroidery makes your design stand out – literally,  the raised puffy effect is achieved by inserting high-density embroidery foam behind the stitches. To do this you need to have a specially digitized design and embroidery foam. the design first creates an outline of the area where you need to place the foam. The machine then trims and stops. After placing the foam you restart the machine and it will do a high-density satin stitch on the foam. once the embroidery is done you can peel off the extra bits and use a hot air gun on the embroidery to finish it off. The end result will be a raised dimensional logo that looks amazing

The top 5 things you should know 3d puff embroidery designs.

Now that you have an idea of 3 d puff designs here is a list of the important information you should know before you order a 3d puff logo

  1. Choose the 3d puff embroidery area carefully. For the 3d puff  to stand out – something has to sit down so if there is any fill in your logo and it has satin on top of the logo please don’t try to get the fill as 3d puff embroidery – let the fill be flat in normal stitches so that the satin can stand out
  2. Try and avoid 3dpuff for thin and small areas. Think about it – the only reason the 3d puff stands out is that you are trapping the high-density foam behind your stitches. If the stitched object is too thin the foam will always poke out and ruin the finish of your logo
  3. You cannot use just any foam,. 3d puff embroidery foam is specially designed so that the excess foam can quickly tear away. If you use the wrong foam it will leave gappy rubber chunks on the edge of your stitched objects
  4. In some cases your design will still show foam bits sticking out – you can use wooden toothpicks or thin tweezers to poke them in and you may use a hot air gun lightly on the finished embroidery. The embroidery foam has a very low melting point and the hot air allows it to melt slightly thereby giving your final embroidery a perfect finish. Be careful with the hot air temperature as it might damage your garment if it is too hot
  5. You need a design that’s specifically digitized for 3dpuff application, there is a science and a technique behind programming the logos correctly we at digitizingsource.com have been doing this for years and have many happy customers

Frequently asked  Questions about 3d foam embroidery

Can I achieve 3dpuff embroidery on my Brother machine?

  • Yes of course just make sure you go through the entire page and order your design correctly

 How much does it cost for digitizing a 3d puff design?

  • At Digitizingsource.com we do not charge you extra for 3d puff the cost is $15-$18 for a left chest design and more for a back logo

Can I do a 3d puff design on hats?

  • Yes, in fact, most of the orders that we get for a 3d puff design are on hats or patches

How do I order a 3d puff design for my machine?

  • Click the order now button on this page or click the login button at the top of the page
  • Sign up and create an account – or if you have an account, once you are logged in go to the dashboard
  • Choose the left chest cap or back order form and place your order as normal, in the notes section please mention the areas which you want to be digitized in 3d foam