Digitizing Source promotions and discount offers

From time to time we run special promotion campaigns that contain fantastic discount that allow even greater savings on our low price digitizing prices The video on the right will show you how to apply the discount correctly on the order form. The current promotions will appear at the bottom of this page

Top 5 things to check to get our discount embroidery offer

Now that you know there is a discount offer on the website here is a quick checklist to go through before you put in the promo code

  1. All discounted promotions are subject to a 2 day service. Please ensure that you choose a budget turnaround BEFORE you type in the code

  2. You cannot use the promo codes for quotations – only new orders

  3. To qualify for your discount the promo code must be applied every time you place an order via the online system

  4. Not applicable for complicated animal or truck designs.

Frequently Asked  Questions about our promotions

How will I know if my discount is being applied?

  • As soon as you choose the budget service and type in the promo code you will see a pop-up text showing the details of the promo offer if you don’t see this then the discount is not applied

My discount was not applied I don’t see the validation box

  • This can happen due to a number of reasons 1) Please check if you are typing the code exactly as its case sensitive and there are no extra blank spaces 2)Check if you have chosen a budget service 3) the promotion is valid for orders only and not quotes 3) You should have no outstanding invoices in order to get the promotion

What happens if I use the discount offer to order complex designs?

  • The discount will be cancelled on your invoice and the difference in the discount will be added to your invoice so you continue paying us the exact normal charge for the design

Why don’t you give a discount on complex designs?

  • This is a company policy to protect and maintain our excellent speedy delivery record

What is your latest promo code and what is its validity?

  • the latest promo code is 30WEEKEND
  • The promotion is only valid over weekends
  • It’s valid from up till 17th Jan 2023  only if ordered between Friday and Monday and only if you choose a 2-day service while ordering. You need to input the promo code after choosing the 2-day budget turnaround – We cannot do this automatically from our end
  • It is applicable to all customers who have no outstanding invoices. If you have a pending unpaid invoice then this promo discount will be cancelled manually on your invoice
  • It’s valid for normal designs at 30% off why don’t you try this for your next order? Click HERE to start ordering now!
  • Please choose a Budget 2-day service when placing the order