Making the payment is fast and simple

At Digitizingsource our Payment process is really simple (and clever)

You will need access to your account to log in to the system. Once you are there please click on the invoice section at the top of the page.

The invoices are all listed for you, a quick look will tell you which ones are unpaid, or due. The invoice that sys raised – will be the current month’s invoice and if you have a credit limit and you are under that limit, you can pay the invoice on the 1st of Next month

Next to each invoice you can see a SHOW button – Click that to open the invoice.

Now you can see all the design numbers and charges for each individual order – If you want to check any order just click on the eye icon next to it.

You can see all of the orders at once by clicking on the “This invoice orders” button at the bottom. If you have any questions you can raise a support ticket by clicking on the “Help and advice button” This ticket then is attached to the invoice at the bottom making communication easy and organised. Once we reply to your ticket you get an automatic email and the reply can be viewed from the invoice page as well as your dashboard.

As soon as you make a payment by Card or Paypal it is applied automatically – All you need to do is go back and refresh your page Should you have any questions please get in touch by raising a support ticket, chatting with us via live chat at the bottom of the page or by emailing

  • Please mention your customer id and invoice number on Both live chat or emails

Frequently asked questions on invoices

  1. How do I download my invoice
    • Log in to your account
    • Go to the invoices link at the top
    • Click on SHOW button to open the concerned invoice
    • Right Click on the PDF link at the bottom of the page and click on download or “save link as” and save it to the required folder
  2. There is a problem with my invoice
    • Please click on the help and support button  at the bottom of the concerned invoice
    • Type in your issue – This raises a support ticket and we will respond to it, For your convenience and ease of communication the support ticket will always be attached to the concerned invoice
  3. I have a credit limit and there is some credit left there do I still have to pay the invoice?
    • The credit limit is a monthly spending limit
    • you need to pay the invoice once it has been generated and says it is due
    • You may have to pay an “open” or a current (raised) invoice if you run out of credit limit
  4. How can I get an increased credit limit
    • If you use us regularly please get in touch with us and our accounts department will do financial due diligence and if needed send you some forms to request a higher limit
  5. My left chest order has been charged for a back – how did it happen?
    • On rare occasions, you may have chosen the back order form to place a smaller size order, since the price is calculated automatically you will be charged for the back, but fear not, kindly click the help and support button and raise a ticket and we will sort it out
  6. My invoice is showing unpaid but I am sure I paid it
    • 99.999 per cent of times the card and PayPal payment is applied automatically, I cannot remember a case where this has not happened – However
    • get in touch with us with proof of payment made and we will get it checked
  7. My credit limit has been reduced!!! How did this happen
    • If you have an overdue invoice that has not been paid in a timely manner the credit limit automatically drops
    • Get in touch with us and we will try and fix it