When things go wrong as they sometimes will
A small mistake could mean a very large bill
If you got it wrong, do not despair
Let us attempt this final repair.

When an old logo needs to be replaced, you can salvage the garment by simply placing a new patch over
the previous one. You’ll need an embroidery patch that will completely cover the old design; make sure that
this file is at least 5 mm bigger than the previous logo on all sides.
We will first send you the embroidered patch then provide an applique stitch file. Follow these simple steps
to embroider the new patch:
1. Hoop the garment.
2. Run the applique stitch file.
3. The applique file will do the outline stitch and stop.
4. Use this as a template to position the applique patch. (Optional: You can spray the back of the patch
with a small amount of fabric glue before application, so that it will remain in the correct position.)
5. Restart the machine and it will now do a binding stitch on the edge, then do a satin stitch border to fuse
the fabric to the patch.
The final result will look as though the patch has been directly embroidered onto your garment.
Optional: There is a product called stitch remover, which is basically ceramic blade that can shave off
your old embroidery. It will NEVER remove the entire logo, but it can shave off part of the thick satin
stitches to make the area nice and flat.

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